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Food DEPOT Alimentaire is a non-profit charity that services more than 20 food banks, community kitchens and agencies in southeastern New Brunswick. Services include:
- Food distribution
- Fundraising and food collection
- Advocacy

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04-Apr 04 - Hillsborough Value Foods


Last week in Hillsborough, the Value Foods Grocery Store had to close due to damage to the building from the last storm we had.  It is always sad to hear about a small business closing because of the weather and even more sad when you know it is the only grocery store for a half an hour to 45 mins away depending on the weather.  Hillsborough is a quiet little community just outside of Riverivew in Southeastern NB and has been part of our territory for distributing food to the Food Banks since we became established.  It is a community that needed very little from Food Depot, but we were always here if they needed us and last week we got the call for help.  We are always pleased to assist any of our areas at any time, but saddened when asked for the reasons we heard. 

Food Depot was fortunate to receive from Value Foods and thier insurance company the produce and frozen products in thier store before they were damaged as well as a few other items.   Our truck was filled with almost $50,000 worth of product.  It was a day with mixed emotions for us at Food Depot Alimentaire although we were quite happy to receive the food we feel bad as it is sad day for our fellow Entreprenuer in Hillsborough as he watches his business closing and the staff he had becoming unemployed.

Tuesday mornings are one of our busiest days here at Food Depot as it is our pick up day for all our food banks and shelters to come and receive thier orders for the week to replenish thier shelves.  Today our area food banks arrived with smiles on their faces as they saw what was being given out.  All the food received at the end of the week and even yesterday was given with the orders this morning to all of the area food banks to share with their clients this week.  

More details and a short video are here from Global News  CLICK HERE

05-31 - February Newsletter


Monthly Report - February 2015

  • Food Depot distributed 182511 lb of food to organizations we serve in Southeastern New Brunswick
  • In addition, we received 120336 lb of food from our corporate supporters.
  • Thank you to all those who continue to do Food Drives or Fundraisers during the slower season;  

Chantal Senecal is on the Move ......

                visiting area Food Banks in Southeastern NB.

  • She visited Pedvac in Port Elgin, NB and was given a tour from PEDVAC, they operate a Food Bank, but also a second hand clothing store, a youth center and a kitchen. On top of this they have begun a social enterprise called Wool for Wishes, where they recycle old sweaters and make mittens, hats and other items and then sell them. They have been able to hire 2 staff, that were previously Food Bank clients. This is a great community organization!  All great things to hear about what is going on in our communities! 
  • Our 50/50 Campaign is going well - we had 3 Winners  this month !  YEAH !
  • For details on how to get your ticket to win click here.

Donations?  What kind? ......

  • Should you wish to hold a food drive, please let us know you are doing so
  • We have a full warehouse as well as a walk-in Freezer & Refrideration Unit which holds pallets of food. 


We quite often get calls asking what do we accept for donations?  Do you accept money as well as dry goods?

            Food Banks  & Volunteers ....

As Old Man Winter continues to dump snow our way, the snow just keeps coming and we are struggling to keep it clear as well as some of our food banks and soup kitchens. 

On a nomal month, the Food Banks all close the first seven days of each month. 

When school is cancelled for bad weather, the food banks also closes.  Some have struggled to stay open this month if only for a few hours for thier clients.  

With as many school closures as we have had this past month, the clients have had fewer days to get food from the food banks.  As a helping hand;

Food Depot Alimentaire has served to assist families in need directly from our warehouse when they contacted us on an emergency situation.

Our Volunteers this month have also had less time to work too, therefore it is taking a bit longer to accomplish things in the warehouse sorting and repacking.  Should you or anyone you know wish to volunteer a bit of your time once a month, a week or less or more, please don't hesitate to contact us or drop by for a visit.  We would love to give you a tour.

            For more information on volunteering with us visit our website by clicking here. 

Corporate Sponsors  ....

Day & Ross comes to the rescue of the New Brunswick Districts of Food Banks. With the generous support of Day & Ross food will continue to reach the Five Districts of Food Banks in our province from The New Brunswick Food Association of Food Banks (NBAFB) for a full year of cost free transportation. Thank you Day & Ross!

     Take time to enjoy what's left of the Winter season - Spring will be here sooner than you think.       


         Upcoming Food Drives

  • Currently we have none scheduled, should you wish to have one, please let us know. 
  • No News is Good News ?  We are still working with the City and the federal gov"t to come to an arrangement for the purchase of the Garrison building on St. George St.  Slow process but progress is being made.


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